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The movie opens with a sleek montage in China, where RAW agents are dropping dead like flies. One of the victims is Harsh, DCP Yashwarsdhan’s best friend. But before being offed, Harsh mails a book to his friend Yash, passing on an important coded message.

When Yash receives the book, he learns of a conspiracy that has been set in motion, targetting only RAW agents. When he takes the book and the clues to the RAW headquarters, the agency understands the legitimacy of the situation and puts Yash in charge of tracking down the conspirer. He is teamed with another RAW agent, KK, and together they track down the culprit in the Indian embassy of Budapest.

The mastermind of this conspiracy against RAW agents is Shiv Sharma, a nerdy hacker who is planning something bigger. In Budapest, a cat and mouse chase begins between Shiv and KK and Yash; they come close to nabbing him several times, but he always proves to be a step ahead. Multiple chase sequences ensue but each time, Shiv manages to escape.

While digging into Shiv’s past for more information, ACP Yash learns that Shiv is actually a pseudonym used by this terrorist to mask his real identity as Rudra Pratap Singh – the son of a RAW agent, who had been sacrificed in an operation years ago.

Yash learns that Rudra is now seeking revenge from RAW for betraying his father. Eventually, in an assembly in Budapest, Rudra gears up to shoot the minister who was responsible for his father’s death. But KK and Yash reach there in time and kill him before he can do harm. But before he can die, Yash forces the minister to accept his mistakes to the media, clearing Rudra’s father’s name. Rudra dies in peace hearing this.

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